Young man from S. Korea slains 32 + himself at Virginia Tech College

United States
April 17, 2007 9:19am CST
How do you feel about this?? I live in Maryland, sister state, and it really freaks me out!!!! Virginia Tech is an awesome college that many try to go too....! Why do people come from other countries to just be that angry here?? I dont understand... and for the others that are here from other countries do they care how this reflects upon them after ones own actions?? If your that angry keep your feelings and actions of anger in your country, the US is feeling enough, leave the US for the ones that come over for a better life and respect our people as well as thereselves because I know not everyone is a bad person and the ones that arent shouldnt be punished due to the actions of the sick! He killed a Teacher who gave there life so his students could be safe, I give much Honorable Kudos to that teacher!!!! This tradegy is so horrific! So what now we cant even send our kids to college, really what is this world coming too. What is it that would please these people whom want to destroy others lifes. Cant go to work.... planes crashing into buildings, cant go to school, you may fall victim to getting shot.... cant take children to the playground as they may be the prey to the predatory.. Come on.... why cant everyone just find some kind of harmony and enjoy what life can offer and dig deeper to find some good out of all the bad! This makes me so mad.............What about you???
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