Many work at home "opportunities" suck you out of money

@ardnas69 (174)
United States
April 17, 2007 10:09am CST
These are not "Opportunities" if they just drain your pockets of money. Making money online isn't as easy as everyone says it is. You see so many ads that say you can make quick easy money. Ain't no such thing unless you win the lottery. You still have to work at it, sit behind your computer and put forth some type of effort to start generating income. With little effort, after getting starting in PIPS, which is a plug in profit site, I started generating income within a few weeks. I am not the kind of person that actually likes to sit behind the computer 24/7 because I have a bad back and sitting for too long aggravates it even more. I too have done the data entry programs, several of them. I really didnt have much knowledge of a computer or know anything about creating webpages. The good thing is that those programs show you how to do that without a website. I did pay to become a member, but there are advantages of the one I like the most. I joined three of these programs, because I got a good deal on two of them. The one I like the most has excellent customer service.Any questions I have, they are right there to respond. Also, for becoming a member, there are many bonuses. Included you also get hundreds of survey sites you can sign up for. Info for mystery shopping,trailer checks for movies, movie display setup, research projects and more. Several of the surveys sites included doing surveys for companies like Micrsoft and Yahoo.So there are advantages to pay to become a member, and also, free lifetime updates to the programs. I will tell you one of the bonuses included free is PCTV. So, you get the data entry guide, which is great, all the other bonuses, hundreds of survey sites, and PCTV. How much would you pay for all of those if you joined each program seperatley? Visit and check it out. Also for faster paced people check out
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@wenfri (1188)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
Hmm appears as though you got a bad start and had your run around with scams as well. It is amazing how many of us go through that learning curve before we actually can find something that really in truly works. It does take and effort to be Successful. I also find it takes patience, persistance and a goal to get over the hurdles before us. As well as a great team effort I am not interested in joining any other programs cause for $5 I got the perfect program with everything I need to Succeed built right in. Wishing the best of Success online and off wendy