whats going on,what are we doing,who beleive this crap?

@getjimmy (2245)
October 20, 2006 1:47am CST
the churches say their million dollar buildings bring in the people, that is their reason for spending so much on these buildings, so they can bring in these big shots with money, so that then they can use the money to do things for the people...crock of .........why can't they just admit that they want to look bigger than the next guy....that they build they building to show great they are personally,and also to draw more people to their door to make them look better,to make them look like their really doing something,these fools have taken gods name in vain by all this falsness and they know better, how long will we stand by and watch all this lieing and robbery in the name of god, now wonder no one can beleive in christ these days, it is the very people who are supposed to stand for christ that put him down,and what for, for fame, for money, for looks....there is so much that can be done to stop all the pain in world.....what is wronge with us...can we see
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