What was the craziest thion you have ever done?

United States
April 17, 2007 10:34am CST
Tell what you did and why... Me - I ran naked across campus singing "I Feel Pretty" when I was pledging a fraternity...
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@Augustta (1860)
• Poland
26 Apr 07
Even looks strange and even i am a funny person i don't make it many craziest tings...in fact i was a good kid i always listen my parents and i don't give then reason to be upset... I think the most craziest thing is when i get married and then when i divorced...sorry,is not what you asked,i know... augusta
• United States
26 Apr 07
pretty ladies never need to apologize...thanks for sharing :O)
• United States
23 Apr 07
Even though I am cautious, I've pulled pranks. While it is tough to say which one was the craziest, I think the most memorable prank I was involved in was one of the discussions I had started. Anyway, here's one of the craziest I've done a long time ago. In a restaurant, the soups that were available were chicken soup, pea soup, & a few others that I cannot remember. After ordering chicken soup, & realizing that I had ordered a chicken dish, I called to the waiter, "Hold the chicken. Make it pea." The people that knew me were laughing too hard to eat, & it was evident on strangers' faces that they were trying NOT to laugh, some of them failing. Even the waiter, who understood what i meant, was laughing.