Why do you overeat?

April 17, 2007 10:42am CST
When i saw one of my Cousins last week i was surprised to find that she has become so bulky. She revealed to me that most of the times food would be there in excess and since she does not want to waste the same she would consume herself.I made her understand that Obesity can cause so many other problems so she shud rather consider making just the requires quality of food and if there is excess she would consider giving it to beggars or animals than consuming the same herself. What do you think? Am i right here?
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@kitkat1 (1227)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
I have been really trying to controll my eating cause i am trying to eat right and exercise to lose weight and stay fit. I find i overeat out of boredom but that i took care of by keeping busy but the one i still have a problem with is being depressed or stressed that makes me over eat cause i find confort in food for some reason. Even though it still happens in those cases i make sure my binges are on healthy low cal foods so they do not cause so much damage when they take place.
• India
18 Apr 07
People tend to overeat or as put put it find comfort in food when they are depressed or idle. Eating right is very important during this time otherwise you will end up putting weight. Have lots of water, eat fresh fruits & vegitables and exercise/do yoga.
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• Canada
5 Jan 11
I wouldn't say overeating, but just eating junk food and no exercise. There's got to be balance between eating and exercising. If you eat and no exercise, then you will most likely become "bulky". Some people also overeat and that is also a problem. However, you can't exactly control them. There may be somethings you can't get enough of.