Do You Believe Some People Do Not Deserve The PrivlageTo Be Parents?

@all4ucnc (861)
United States
April 17, 2007 10:47am CST
I'm so frustrated right now. . . My kids were NOT easy to come by, my husband and I tried for years, before we wereable to have our son and I had to have shots daily just to stay pregnant... So when my friends told me thier "funny little story" I wanted to choke them, for even though they were laughing I was outraged. Aparently the mom went to her yoga class and the dad was left in charge of the 5yr old daughter and their 2 yr old son. The dad wanted to wax the motorhome, so went outside with his kids and let them play on the battery powered jeep. Well the son is not one to stick around and needs to be watched closely (they think his independance is cute, and he never gets disaplined for taking off). So while mom is gone, dad is waxing the motorhome, sister runs into the house to use the potty, the son goes for a ride on the toy jeep........ Mom comes home "Where is "C"?".... Dad "I don't know, how can I watch him and wax this too?" So she goes in the house and asks the daughter "he outside playing." They go back outside and begin looking for him....While they are calling his name someone on the highway yells "He's up here"... Now they live behind a church, this 2 yr old boy drove the little jeep down the drive way, down thier little street, across the entire church parking lot, hit the highway, and had made it down past a couple houses to the next church were he finally ran off the road and got his jeep stuck in the ditch. So it's not like dad turned his back for a mere second, those toy jeeps don't exactly go all that fast. So my thought is "WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES AT? WHEN YOU ARE LEFT TO WATCH YOUR OWN CHILD FOR 20MIN. SHOULDN'T YOU PUT THE WAXING ON HOLD FOR LITTLE WHILE? The son did not get in trouble and neither did the dad, and now they have a cute little story to tell friends and family....YUCK!!! I want to yank away their privalages of being called mommy and daddy.
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@noriko (1254)
18 Apr 07
OMG... ill choke them till they had no air to breath. what irresponsible parents. this is not funny. they were lucky enough nothing happened to their precious one. well that is if they treat their kids precious. and waxing is more important than his kid?!! i am so frustrated. i am like you it tooks us five years before i really had a full 9 month pregnancy. i had 3 miscarriages and it was really heart breaking. now we had a baby boy and me and my husband always at his side to make sure he is okay.