What Pays Most on MyLot?

@asahibza (388)
April 17, 2007 12:17pm CST
From MyLot what I have gathered is that, most of the people here are primarily to make some pocket money. So am I. Having fun on the way is a bonus. I am a newbie here. I am interested in knowing the most paying activities on myLot. How can one make most of the earnings on MyLot. Do earnings differ for different types of discussions and responses. Do responses earn anything? Please bear with me. I appreciate our responses. Thanks
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@feliniti (875)
20 Apr 07
I am a newbie too, so I will let you know when I have figured it out. Maybe there will be some more discussion on this, and those who have been on here for a long time will help us out.
@asahibza (388)
• Canada
22 Apr 07
At least you are doing much better feliniti then me with just 3 days as against 6 days of mine. What I am seeing that during last 2-3 days, I got more with the same number of posts. I am making 10+ cents a day and I have already made 80 cents in 6 days. I can figure out that with 10 cents a day, it will take me 1000 days to make 100 dollars. If my earnings double, I can make $100 in 500 days. I think I should make a goal of making $100 in one year to start with. For that I think I will have to make about 20 cents a day. You will be much faster Feliniti given your number of 74 in 3 days as against 28 of mine in 6 days. I am hoping someone shows me a quicker way of making $100, say in 6 months. I will reward the person with $10. Thanks every body.
@touchnshine (2821)
• India
13 May 07
Earning - Earning money on mylot
Dear asahibza Usually you will get paid for all activities here -- adding image will also give u some extra cents .. I have noticed this in few days .. I used to add image while responding to discussions. I have already seen in your discussions that your post is a quality post .. you are really working hard here .. I wish you all the best my dear friend. Happy mylotting