help with bullying/breakdown of a relationship

April 17, 2007 12:57pm CST
Ok guys well I am 21 and at university studying a law degree. Sadly on a site called Bebo some of my classmates wrote some very cruel and offensive things in particular making a fool of my disability. Thing is there are 3 people invovled. 2 of them, who are guys and younger than me I have never spoke to in my life, though they have a reputation for being malicious. The other person is a girl and the very sad thing is i talked to this girl and her friend for some time. The troublemaker is called Laura, and she has always acted nice towards me for gods sake she asked me how my foot was and stuff! I have had a schoolboy crush on her friend Sarah for some time, and I admit, that was part of why I got to know them better to be with Sarah. And even more sadly, that has been mocked and made fun of. Ive been realy hurt and feel betrayed. I asked Sarah if she was aware of the comment, as the comments made were about me and her. I did not accuse her, merely asked if she knew about it. Her exact response was: "Tony, thats not fair, thats really harsh, Ive been nothing but nice to you, why are you accusing me? etc" Wanting to deal with this matter in a mature fashion i filed a police report, and they noted the comments etc, though they couldnt act due to a lack of firm evidence they told me I was justified in my actions and if things got worse then they would take immediate action. today I tried to apolgise to Sarah, who was very rude and curt, still going on about: "I am really hurt, Ive been nice to you, ive made an effort to talk to you, and I feel really hurt because you have thrown that back in my face." I told her that the police thought it was a serious matter and she then retorted: "thats really pathetic getting the police involved, just realy nasty. Why you making a big fuss out of this, I dont want to play games." And then stormed off. And to be honest part of me feels thats she right. Another part of me feels like she is a patronising person. I dont know what to do or think.
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18 Apr 07
When you say that you filed a police report, I am assuming that the people involved must have done more than "make fun" of your disability. For that I am so sorry. You are only 21 Tony and sadly, this is something that you are going to have to deal with in your own way. It may or may not be too late to salvage your relationship with Sarah; but that's something you might want to re-think anyway. Do you want a relationship with someone that chooses to be around people that care about external bodies of others? Perhaps you should look for an online support group and see how others in your age group deal with these things. I wish you the best of luck ~Donna
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