April 17, 2007 1:40pm CST
what is your last film that you like it very much??? tell us about it!!! i want to see some movies and i want suggestions
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• Malaysia
17 Apr 07
i love the movie title '300' .. have you heard of it? it's really cool.. it's about sparta and its citizens... how they actually protect their country from persians... what i dislike about the movie is the appearance of monster.. oh god.. how can there be a monster in this world.. so ridiculous.. i just love to see the spirit of the spartans.. how they actually cooperate to fight with persians.. they will not bow to the evil power.. they continue to fight even though they're losing.. it's a spirit that not many had.. and i think it should be rated as the best movie.. :)
• Romania
17 Apr 07
i saw the trailer!!! i really didn't like it it is a history and they make it science fiction!!!