Fortune Company

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April 17, 2007 2:38pm CST
Is anyone familiar with the new "Fortune" company that sells cellphones, internet, landlines, ect? My aunt and uncle are involved in this and I cant help but think they are being scammed! They had to pay $300 to start up their own "business" and now are trying to find people to buy their services or sell under them. I wish I knew the exact name of it but I know it has Fortune in the title. Also anyone familiar with Quickstar? A good friend of mine tried to get me to sell under her and I turned her down.
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@darkness01 (1304)
17 Apr 07
It does indeed sound like a scam to me. Your aunt and uncle are being scammed into paying $300 to the parent company and then they are left to sell what they were sold to friends and family - pyramind selling.
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17 Apr 07
Thats what I thought! Thank you for your response!