How often do you have family time?

@lenapoo (674)
United States
April 17, 2007 3:12pm CST
I try to spend quality time with my kids everyday being that I am a sahm my two younger kids are with me all day, but there is my stepdaughter who is at school all day and she goes to the Girls Club until my husband gets off work,so I rarely get to spend enough time with her. I always make sure that on the weekends one day I try to have girls day out or do something with the kids that they would enjoy and then the next day we do something as a family. I really enjoy spending time with them and getting to learn more and more about them each and every day. I would like to do alot more with them, but right now my schedule is pretty tight. That means that this summer we will get to take a well deserved vacation and I can't wait? It's a surprise so the kids don't even know, but I know when they find out they will be so happy they won't know what to do with them selves.
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• Malaysia
17 Apr 07
erm.. i can't remember when i had my family time.. i think it never happens anymore.. all of my family member are busy with their work.. nobody really cares to be together .. even during dinner time.. or whatever time...guess they just have forgotten the importance of having a complete family..but.. is it really important to hav family time? erm.. maybe it's okay as long as you still have your family member in your heart.. as long as you still care for them.. you know you will always be there when they need you.. that's the most precious thing :)