Can a man cry when he comes across hard times? Men r said not supposed to cry.

A man crying - A man is crying.
April 17, 2007 3:41pm CST
They say a man should not cry even in the toughest circumstances bcos a man is a representation of strength against those obstacles. well, I do cry on those situations, but I go to a lonely place so that I can cry freely until I feel normal. Do u cry or not? If yes, how do u cry? If no, why don't u do so?
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@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
25 Aug 11
i think men can is only when they do it too much that they stsrt to become unattractive. i guess it is the same thing for women really. anytime somebody looks really weak and helpless, it is looked down upon by other people i guess
• China
31 May 07
I am a girl, but i think it is not curious for a man to cry.which just set one's moods free and shows nothing, man should have sentiment, don't you think so?
@Smile25 (43)
17 Apr 07
Lemme tell you if you din't know tat "Men are born emotional compared to women" - I mean they are extremely emotional inside and never tend to show it out but its vice versa with women.... I have experienced the emotional cry of my father, brother and my boyfriend tooooo.......... Its absolutely normal for a man to cry and he need not go to a lonely place:)
@kodie420 (872)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
Although there has been many times I wanted to cry I never did. I personally think the only time Im really going to cry is when my mom passes on. I guess its not set in stone that men arent suppose to cry but they usually dont unless drunk or something really bad happens.