How can a parent stop worrying about their kids when they turn 18?

United States
April 17, 2007 4:00pm CST
I know I did the best I could and I think I have a pretty good kid, but she is ADD/ADHD and doesn't always think of consequences and I have saved her from making mistakes in the past, she admits to me there were times she would've given up her virginity but I did not let her go and she later confessed she had been lying and it was really about sleeping with a boy who she discovered was garbage later and she was glad I did not let her go so I know I have helped her to get this far, but now she is 18 and her dad's family (VERY bad people) are trying to wiggle their way into her life and she is going to join the job corps and I am so scared and depressed because what if someone walks in there and starts shooting? I know I can't spend my life worrying, I don't want to worry, but how do I NOT worry cuz not wanting to worry is not enough to keep me from worrying. I pray for Yawheh to keep her safe, but I don't trust Him because I know the parents of those kids that were just killed at Virginia Tech prayed for their kids to be safe too. I am so scared that I almost wish I never had her in the first place so I would not have to worry about her but she has given me so much joy in my life, I would not trade that for anything. I know what my uncle goes through though, his daughter died shortly after she got married and his life has been over ever since. He had 3 daughters. I only have the one. She is the light of my life and also of my parents lives. My mom prays for her safety and says that should be enough, to put it in Yawheh's hands, but it is not enough for me, I am so scared I am depressed and crying. I know I need to get back on depression medication but I can't afford it. I got some St. John's Wart tea on sale, guess I'll go drink some, any other ideas?
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