Shooting in Blacksburg

April 17, 2007 4:16pm CST
One day ago this terrible atrocity happened in blacksburg, from what i understand it was the bloodiest amok run so far here in germany its already a major discussion topic, the problem with the general opinion seems to be like always though if you do gut talk, it uses cliches to answer the question the general idea now is again that the unrestricted gun laws are responsible for this shooting now my question: the shooter is supposed to be a south korean exchange stunden. in my opinion the gun laws dont apply to non us citizens, so is it possible for somebody with a student visa to buy a gun in the us? does anybody know if there is another connection between gun laws and him obtaining the guns (took them from friends/people he lived with)?
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@ironstruck (2299)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
These thinks can be avoided far before they reach this stage. People who will do these sorts of deeds don't wake up one morning and just start shooting. It is most likely a problem that began to develop years ago in their behavior. The person could have had a terrible family life. He may have been bullied just once to often. Maybe he could never get a girlfriend. It could be any number of things that can make a person snap.