A night out at the movies, what annoys you most?

@whywiki (6070)
April 17, 2007 4:26pm CST
I have a great TV at home but sometimes I just like to get out with a friend and escape to watch a movie on the big screen. There is just something about the whole experience of going to the theatre. The smell of the popcorn, the rush of people, the excitement of the whole thing. Then something sets you off. Ruins the experience. My pet peeve is people that keep getting up and crossing in front of the screen. It is only 90 minutes or so, can't they keep seated? I also hate getting a popcorn and small drink and having to sell the car to pay for it. How about the seat kicker behind you or the ringing cell phone. Or is just that you pay around $10 to see something that you wouldn't even watch when it comes to the regular channels on TV?
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• Philippines
18 Apr 07
I agree with you watching a movie is really different from just watching a movie in the house. THere are actually few things that anooys me when my boyfriend and i watched a movie. First, i really dont like people talking inside the movie house about either the movie or about their lives. Why watched a movie if they have to talk about something. They are disturbing everyone. The second thing that annoys me are those who cant understand by the policy, turn your cell phone in a silent mode. I dont care if they have the latest cellphone, what i care about is the respect they give to other who are watching. If they are really educated individuals, they know how to follow simple rules.
• United States
17 Apr 07
ITs usually the really annoying person that either throws stuff at eveyone fro mthe back or the person that kicks your seat :(.
• United States
17 Apr 07
its shocking i think alot of people dislike all those things but some how they just go. i think it gives people an excuse to go out and do something. even those you have alot of cons on going