Are you like me???

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April 17, 2007 10:12pm CST
This whole thing with Virginia Tech shooting...I can't even read about it or watch anything about it. I know knowledge is key especially in things like this, but I find that this shooting is really hitting me hard! I know nothing about it except that it happened yesterday and like 32 were killed? I know it was a Chinese student and I know it was a guy, but that's it. 48 hours was all about this shooting tonight and I tried to watch it to inform myself and get some information, but I found myself crying before the credits were shown. I had to turn it off. It hurts my heart so scares me because I have 2 small children and I am terrified to be away from horrifies me that a human being could do this to anyone...and it saddens me becasue this young man had his whole life to live and he had a mom and dad and friends who loved him. Anyhow, I just can not bring myself to get involved in this news story. If I see a news article or a discussion here on Mylot, or something on TV...I turn the channel or turn the page. It's just too sad...not sure why it is hitting me so hard.
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@Michele21 (3094)
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18 Apr 07
Well I am the same way!! I wouldn't know anything except there was a story on the Yahoo homepage with the guys picture. I know I owuold be crying my eyes out if I listened to a story about it, so I do the same thing and chabnge the channel,a nd I haven't read anything about it on myLot. I would rather just not know all the sad details!! I have two kids also and it is hard seeing all the ickt things that go on in the world!!
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