how can one discend a true request on the internet?

@fredgame (1261)
April 17, 2007 10:46pm CST
In fact i've been searching information on the internet but sometimes it seems to me that there are more fraudulent people using the net than the genuine persons. I posted my resume on the net seeking jobs and i had one job in the U.S.A "Curnard shipping line" they have Queen Victoria and QUeen Elizaberth. I was asked to pay $1000.USA for my documents and visa but the money request was to be transferred into personal accounts and not in US but in Albania. i asked why paying the money into personl a/c instead of US immigration bureau or curnard company. No reason was given but said the person to process my visa has gone to Albania and therefore i should pay to him. is it the right way? Another Hotel in Canada invited me to work with them. they gave me a form to fill and send it to the Canadian immigration office for my visa and i did. The immigration bureau asked for some requirements among them were invitation letter and Hotel reservation receipt and i asked the Hotel to provide these. they refused but i presented the rest of the requirements to the Canadian bureau, they gave me an interview form and i answered the questions. I was told i've passed their interview and was to contact the Africa representative for the visa code and when i did they asked me to pay $470 USA. and when i told the Hotel the progress and the request, the Hotel told me to pay that money and i asked why? you had already told me the expenses you will take care of all and when i start working you deduct the money from my monthly salary. I received another e-mail again in UK for a job, i filled the form and they too said i don't have to pay for visa and air ticket, they will do that aand deduct the money from my salary when i start working and after filling the informations needed, since then i've not heard from them again. Many other e-mails i received telling me to help them transfer monies into my a/c for them to come and do business with me and i tell them find another person or just delete it. some they have been diagnosed cancer and therefore wish to transfer their funs for me to give to charity. Indeed, so many mails every blessed day and all about money for charity, business and few for job offer. How can one be able to discend a true offer, especially the job? Tell me you opinons.
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