The Violence action because of the "Culture of the" Community's "Weapon" AS

April 17, 2007 10:50pm CST
the shooting Incident in the Virgina Tech University that killed 33 people including the perpetrators of the shooting, received the sharp focus by several world mass media. A foremost daily in Europe wrote, the shooting incident was not free from increasingly the expansion of the "weapon culture" in the US social circle. In he commented, the Independent newspaper the edition on Tuesday (17/4) wrote, "would the day that was bad in Virginia be enough to end the American love to the weapon?" According to the daily, already during him the legislators in the USA mengamandemen regulations that legalised ownership of the weapon. The "desire to use the weapon could be investigated to the amendment to the two US constitutions, that arranged about the people's" right to "have and carry the weapon," wrote Independent. In Italia, the left-wing newspaper Il the Manifesto wrote, the shooting incident in the campus of the University Virginian Tech like "Pie" food "American apples." Now Gerard Baker, a columnist in the Times newspaper published by England stated his concern would the possibility of the again worse case. The newspaper of Le Monde France wrote, cases of the shooting in the USA increasingly scattered what they mentioned as the "American dream." The "slaughter." Forced the US community to once more saw in themselves, violence actions that were carried out by them, the obsession against the weapon as part of his community's population, the problem of their young children, who tended to head in the competition and the excessive tyranny action, "wrote Le Monde." The shooting incident in the campus of the University Virginian Tech has been the worst shooting incident throughout history AS. police Apparatus and the university side currently receive the great pressure because of being regarded asinefficient. His article, there was the time hose for two hours between the first and second shooting incident, where the perpetrators were so free entered the classroom, fired on the student and the professors until falling casualties 30 people, before finally the perpetrators, Cho Seung-Hui, the US resident the South Korean descendants who still were 23 years old that shot himself and was killed.
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