Friend in need is friend indeed..

April 17, 2007 11:17pm CST
Since my childhood my teacher told me that " Friend in need is friend indeed", good friend is one who helps and support at bad times or when needed. Recently, i was in need of support but nearly most of my friends went away with excuses. Is true friendship exists in this world ? what you people says and what are your experiences, please share ...
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@asmurthy (2464)
• India
22 Apr 07
need..need and need.... i need to talk... need to feel in a relax.. need to get out what is inside me... need a place... need a space... need to talk my breathe... need to be a little kid again... need to melt and disappear... and to be create again... need to be hard as a rock... need to forget myself... and to make a heart inside me... and to be a new person and so unique... need to erase the memory from my old mind... and to be free from myself... and to runaway from my sadness... because so worry i am and tired... the heart is tired... the eye became tired... the tears fall, because of you... and the sadness covered me all... i need to yell with all high voice i have... retired the tired o people... need a softy hand to treat me well.. to treat the poor heart... need a faithful hands... to hold me... because my heart lost a trust... never to trust anyone anymore... except my sweetheart... whom left me... left me alone with my sadness... yes she left me... alone she left... while she knows how much i am in need... yes the great heart left me... she did... and i need to leave this world.. this life i need to leave... need and still need and need... hazem al jaber
@femimi (872)
• Indonesia
18 Apr 07
I think there are still true friendship in this world, but hard to get that. In this busy time right now, people are not rely on a meeting between friend, but the quality of communication. I also seldom meet my friends, but if I have trouble at least I can talk with them even with phone call, because I also realize they also have their own limitation to being like the past.