The Main Reason for Indian Cricket's Decline

@milott (2648)
April 18, 2007 1:18am CST
The indian cricket is headed towards its slow death these days with the players interested only in ads and money and the administrators with their politics and they are also interested only in money and the last to mention ICC which is a toothless and spineless organization which has no power at all to curb any irregularities in the cricket fraternity is also interested only in money and that too only from India. Cricket’s money 90% of them is coming from India, and the players are also well paid from playing and also from endorsements but still they are playing as if they are not getting paid at all, like minnows. I feel that the reason for the debacle in indian cricket is us, yes the fans who make the heroes out of pretty ordinary players, the best example would be Dhoni who is just a below-average player who hits the ball hard and succeeds somewhat in the indian flat tracks and look at what we have made him, he is now the poster boy of indian cricket and has earned enough money and hence he has lost his interest in cricket and is fully involved in endorsements. To avoid this situation, we fans should treat cricket as just another sport rather than getting involved in it too much.
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• India
20 Apr 07
poor cricketing sense and lack of knowledge two big reason CRICKETING SENSE well until dravid bcame captain we were grooming sehwag and khaif as our next captain but suddenly dravid came in to picture, i dont doubt his ability but as you know some people who are very good student dont become a leader. same is the case here tell dravid to bat at any given position and at any given situation he will do wonders but captainship is not dravid is made for. he might execute the strategy made by the management in the dressing room but to innovate new strategy on field given the situation. then i am sorry to tell that he fails. his personality was not strong (compared to ganguly) he couldnot win trust of the team members as the coach went on chopping the team based on youth and perfomance. KNOWLEDGE Excuse me mr. chappel experimentation, process etc. all sounds very good but where are results the international cricket is about your team winning the game. i am not against experimentation but it should be done in the domestic level where you groom youngster you doubt tendulkars commitment well then find another one in the domestic circuit of his class and more commited then him. process should be in the infrastructure of the domestic game where the game is learned.
@swaran67 (71)
• India
19 Apr 07
There are many reasons :- 1)Its because of lack of professionalism.Actually cricket should be considered as a profession and the players should be paid according to their performance. 2)We dont have a strike bowler.All other countries are having at least one strike bowler.For example Sri Lanka- Vass,Murali..Australia -(McGrath,Lee,Bracken)..England-(Flintoff..New Zealand-(Bond)etc etc. 3)We must produce good bowlers.Its really a shame that one of the most populated country in the world is lacking in good bowlers.Once spinners were our strength, now they too lack ability to take wickets. 4)Another department we have to look in to is batting.Its getting deteriorated match by match.Our batsmen all are looking the become famous as soon as possible with boundaries and sixes.In fact no one is even bothered of building a partnership.Our middle order is one of the weakest in the world.So we must train our batsmen to play in all positions with the main aim of partnership building . I have a lot more to discuss but i have to go now .
@subha12 (18453)
• India
18 Apr 07
i think they are unnecessarily highly rated player. they don't deserve these fames they get. it may be the main reason. also the endorshments have made them so rich that they don't bother to play for country. i think they should concentrate on game only
@oldboy46 (2132)
• Australia
18 Apr 07
The Indian Cricket Team could learn some valuable lessons if they look at what Australia does. We had a few bad years back in the 1980's and are now riding the crest of the wave ... that means we can fall just as easily as anyone else can. However, Australia adopted the practice of having 2 teams ... with some inter-mingling of the teams of course. There is one team for one day matches and another for the test matches. If any player does not perform on the field ... or brings the game, the team or our country into disrepute ... he is dropped. Then he either improves his game and wins his place back in the team ... or his career representing our country in the international cricket arena is over. Also all of the players are spelled from time to time ... not for the major matches of course but the minor ones. This way they come back fresh and ready to give it their best. No player is kept on simply because of who he is ... but rather how well he represents out country in cricket. All those who represent Australia know that they can be replaced as there are so many good players just waiting to take their place in the team. These are the things that India, and other countries, do need to look at. It is about playing their best and if their best is not good enough, then they shouldn't be in the team. Upcoming players do need to know that one day they could get their chance to play for their country. If they don't believe they will ever have that chance ... then they will lose interest in the sport of cricket and start to play another sport.