do you collect anything?

April 18, 2007 4:01am CST
i love mickey mouse so i have been collecting anything about him since highschool... im already working now so it has been a long time already... i have stickers, stationeries, comics, school supplies, shirts, mugs, pins, magnets, keychains, stuff toys, pillows, vcds, socks, etc. ;) i also have mariah carey's album and alot of other movies that i like to watch over and over again... so, what do you collect?
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• United States
19 Apr 07
I collect shadow boxes and small figurines to go in them. I have them in every room in my house! I also seem to collect clothes, I have an addiction to clothes. The best part about this is that I frequent second-hand stores, like Goodwill stores. That way I get some really cute things and the money I pay for them goes to help people in need in my community. tdbrowe1969
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
wow, really? that's great! you really are a good person! ;)
@lanshang (139)
• China
18 Apr 07
i collect small cartoon pasters from my middle school,especailly characters of Japanese cartoons.i love them very much.
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
thanks! ;)