April 18, 2007 5:02am CST
I never had PMS before.But after my daughter's birth,I seem to be getting PMS every month since I started regular periods.The worst is that I feel depressed and feel like crying.My sister says that the same thing has happenned to her too.Do you feel the same?How do you manage to keep PMS symptoms under control?Do birth control pills really help alleviating symptoms of PMS?what is your experience?The week before my periods is the worst.I feel very fatigued,depressed and regret every decision made in my life.Once the periods do come,things go back to normal.Any ideas,ladies?
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@aissha (2036)
• India
24 Apr 07
oh dear u are in pain yes birth control pills help and a lot. i think u are eating less also are u on diet?? pls. don't do during ur periods and eat ots of veggies and easy digesting carbs. it will help.
24 Apr 07
Hey Aissha,I don't diet or anything.But I do think I eat less than I am supposed to.But the problem is I can;t take large meals at a time so I keep eating small meals all day.but I get a lot of cravings for chocolate or sugar too.thanks for the suggestion.
• United States
24 Apr 07
If I were you I would keep a journal of all your symptoms before getting on the pill.Present what you have been experiencing to your doctor.It may be PMDD,which is a much more serious case of PMS.I was diagnosed over 5 years ago.It can be horrible if gone untreated.Hope you find the cure!!!:)
24 Apr 07
OMG,I never even hear of that!I am going to talk to my doctor very soon.I am fed up of being fatigued and depressed.guess I am going to start a journal too.Thanks for the suggestion!Cheers.
• Kuwait
24 Apr 07
opps i hate this part.. i always had it, dont know how to avoid it, my sister and my husband just taking me easy about it.
@toonatoons (3739)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
right now, i'm suffering from pms. i'm irritable and easily gets depressed. somebody suggested cutting down on caffeine and eating, instead, energy foods and a lot of fruits.