can watery fruits/ foods take the place of water?

@fredgame (1261)
April 18, 2007 6:56am CST
More people are adviced by doctors to eat more fruits, drink more water. sometimes when i'm thirsty but does not like to drink ordinary water i take watermelon or fruits that have lot of water and i do quench my thirst. I'd like to ask do these watery fruits or foods play the functions of water in the digestive system?
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
18 Apr 07
I don't think you should use them as your sole source of fluids because you also have to consider the fruit's sugar, or fructose content. It might not be so great for you? I think the fiber in them will also play a role in the digestive system. If you can force down some water you should try to add that to your diet, or maybe puree some of the fruits into a juice and cut them, r rather dilute them, with water?
@fredgame (1261)
• China
18 Apr 07
Thank you lol, for your wonderful response to this discussion. i'll always try to supplement water to my diet.
@femimi (872)
• Indonesia
19 Apr 07
I think watery food also has same function with water, but the need of water maybe not enough by just consuming fruits.
@capssy07 (207)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
I also take watermelon cause its summer and I am not satisfied with water alone. And as expected it on the fluid of the fruits we can have it nurtriens, so I really take sip on its fluid.