why 13 It Was Considered the Figure Dammit?

April 18, 2007 7:04am CST
Throughout the world was gotten by various beliefs, the myth, and the legend, that were not counted by the number. For rationalists, parents beliefs ought to take part in dying in line with the modernization that cleared all the side of the life of humankind. Nevertheless that happened? Evidently not. In the community's modern order, these superstition beliefs evidently continue to exist and even developing and in many aspects of the life of his community. These beliefs in fact went along color architecture the city but also skyscraper buildings. For example small, in various high buildings in China, there is none that his name the floor 13 and 14. According to their belief, the two figures did not bring lucky. In the west, the figure 13 also it was considered the figure dammit. Likewise in various other parts of the world. If being paid attention to by us numbers in the high lift of buildings the world, you will not encounter the floor 13. Usually, after the figure 12 then direct ‘jump’ to the figure 14. Or from the figure 12 then 12a previously just 14. This phenomenon was received in many world countries, Why the figure 13 it was considered the figure that brought not lucky?
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