how would you react??

@jolope (988)
April 18, 2007 8:27am CST
i recently got dumped.. but this same person told me that he needs me.. how is that suppose to happen??i feel confused as of the moment..i dont know why he needs me when he already dumped me..i accepted his reason for leaving me but i also want to be there for him.. i want to be a good friend but i cant when i still have something for him.. how would you feel about this??how would you react if you were me..??
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@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
Need you as what? as partner or as friend? Still be glad... that in his life he did not completely dump you... maybe as a friend... still you have your worth...Hard to understand? MAybe he dumped you as partner but it doesnt mean that he wont be needing you as a friend. Well its really hard if you still have feelings for him... you might get hurt when somebody else is involve... I myself... if I were in your place... Im a martyr type. I cant take it not being there with someone that i love...even if it would hurt me... im a tough lady... I can take it... Atleast in time... when he thinks of me... he will realize that no matter what he have matter what ive been through... ive been there for him... ive proven my worth as a lover and a friend... and he would never regret having me once in his life... Then I also start moving on...with my life... Even if I dont have him... i know that what I gave him is the best of what i have... and I assure you my friend... YOU'LL NEVER REGRET BEING AT YOUR BEST NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS.... Good luck to you...
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@cheenlly (3483)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
YOu want to be there for him of course because you still feel something for him. YOu should remember my friend that the word "need" has wide meaning. Depends on the intention. So my question, whats his intention of saying those words. For me i think its not good and he is playing safe. maybe he is confuse then, so when he dumped you and realized to play safe in case he decide to come back but of course he hurt your feelings and that you must remember. You must left or give yourself a little respect or pride. maybe you can talk to him why he said that and what his intention? So that you will not be confuse anymore.