Japanese Cartoons

@JamesMa (119)
April 18, 2007 8:58am CST
Hi guys, are you interested in Japanese cartoons. If you are, there is a website which has many many good Japanese Cartoons. You can watch online and the speed is fast. I always watch Japanese cartoons in this website. And the website updates every week. So you can watch the latest cartoons from it. That is http://hnnn.net
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• Malaysia
18 Apr 07
did u have any website that offer manga download 4 free...i've been looking all the way, but didn't find any of them that have full list of manga.one that i've been looking 4 is Kekkaishi manga.if u have the link plzz post here. any way, i enjoy watching naruto n bleach anime.they're awesome!!!
@JamesMa (119)
• China
19 Apr 07
Dear Shemang, you can watch the latest cartoon of Naruto and Bleach in the website I have supplied. There are other famous cartoons in the website. For the manga, I am sorry, I don't know what is "manga"? Can you tell me? Can I do what through using "manga"?
@kiukitsu (291)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
i'm not sure but, i think the story in anime is derived from the story in manga. For example, naruto has a manga, err, by the way, manga is more like a comic (i think), and anime is when they animate it for a tv show. Naruto has a manga, then the naruto anime is based from its manga. . waaaa i can't explain it well :( sorry
• Australia
20 Apr 07
it's simple. manga is japanese comics. Anime is japanese animation. most anime are based on manga. occasionally manga are based on anime.