I want to know about Clixsense.com???

April 18, 2007 9:13am CST
Hi I registered myself to Clixsense, In browse AD link, they had 3 website links, I clicked on those 3 for the given time, (till the timer on the top expires). They said I have earned 0.06$. But to have more Ads to click i need to upgrade it to premium member by paying 10$. Now I am afraid how about to give 10$ to clixsense. Because I already suffereed by paying lots of scam websites. So please can anyone who are premium member(paid 10$) of clixsense, tell me that you have earned more money(more than 10$) through clixsense? Earned in the sense, you have to get the money in your hand!!! Can any one please help me?
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