Critical years of the brain development

April 18, 2007 9:41am CST
i asked one of my friends who is a psychologist about brain development..well, he told me before we got a lot teachings that said the first three years of child is the most important but he said that's false!!! Why? Because those studies and researches done for this was based on people having alzheimers. And further more, during those days..there was no possible technology for research..only through observations..Brains development is ongoing and the best to enhance brain development is through exercise such as yoga and meditation.
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@tess1960 (2386)
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18 Apr 07
Your discussion confused me. You were speaking of children and then went into alzheimers and then yoga and mediataion. For children, I do believe first years are crucial. Even for brain develiopment. Many youngsters can read at age 3 because parents taugh t them, thus brain is active and developing. Others cannot read well even in school as that part of brain is still functioning slowly. Then later yers in school they begin to excell in reading. I think this all could be due to how much the brain is used as an infant. Parent needs to occupy the childs brain with learning and playtime. Not just sitting in a crib or playpen. My grandmother was a very sedentary person. She did not go any further than highschool and never wandered far from home. She was a good cook and took in ironing for pewople to earn ecxtra and she was a gardener. SHe did not do puzzles or anything like that to stimulate the brain. I think this may have contributed to her developing Alxheimers. This is just my observationa nd my belief. I think the more we learn the better the chances of prolonging the Alzheimers from developing if we are to have it. One of her sisters now has it and is much older than she was when it showed it's ugly head (ALzheinmers). Yoga nad meditation is good for relieveing stress and clearing the mind. Relaxiation is a key to good mental and physical health.