how to handle a child??

@jesseca (209)
April 18, 2007 9:57am CST
i have a child.. hes 2 years old now... i dont know how to be a mother to him.. his father left me so i dont know how to start... it really hurts when i hear someone saying that my son dont have a father, coz he got one! how can i make my child grow with kindness and good person?? can you give me some tip??
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• India
18 Apr 07
its ok jesseca...dont worry at all just follow my suggestions if u like- Age 2 the age is called TERRIBLE TWO. children become violent and throw everything. dont interfere in his activities until something becomes very serious.just be very loving to him and dont expect anything from him Age 3 children become very loving and caring.teach him to be kind and love nature as much as we can. teach him his first lessons of enjoying nature and loving persons because he will listen to u. Care should be taken about urself ...he will observe everything u do Age 4 this is the right age to teach children to live in this world! teach him competitive spirit and make him play competitive games and do little exercises at home. make him work in day and prevent him taking rest or relax. keep him working and ask him to defeat everyone else. ask him to solve puzzles and spot out names of animals,plants,things,accessories,family members,...thus increasing his memory power. U should do this at this age Age 5 tell him that he is grown up and he has to do things on his own. ask him to bath,clean,eat,play,read himself.tell him how much u love him and how much u are doing for him in an indirect manner. never keep pushing him on any issues. ask him to help in ur works even if its so small. appreciate him in every work he does. just tell him that he can be the best of everyone around him. take extreme care of ur child at this age. watch him carefully in every work he does. after 5 he would develop himself never stop 2 things..they are 1. teaching ur child about everything with love 2. making him learn and make him feel confident about himself