Do you know how to cook?

@jesseca (209)
April 18, 2007 10:03am CST
Im not good at cooking but im trying really hard to know how to do it.. I even ask my mom if she want to teach me what she knows about cooking... but she was always so busy... cant be disturb always!! so no one can teach me something about it?? Is some one out there want to teach me ?? coz i really need to learn how to cook! i will be grateful if you give me some recipe that you know.. thanx in advance..
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28 May 07
Cooking is something that it is best to learn through practice. Start by following some simple recipes then change things in them to suit what you like. I have a recipe site with a kids section which contains some really simple stuff you could start with:
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18 Apr 07
i ahve a lot of recipes in mind and couldn't think at the moment which to share with you. :) i was a no cook before but, i have the passion to learn how to cook so i took up cooking lesson. no, not at real cooking schools but from my aunt who is a good cook. one advice she gave me is learn to cook your favorite dish and go experiment on the spices or add variations to it. you should have the passion to cook, add love, mix it all together and have fun!