do i problems always need to be shared with me?

April 18, 2007 10:32am CST
my family was always been open with each other. the kids know almost everything that's going on. i wonder sometimes if that's a good thing. for one, i feel i matured earlier than my peers. at a young age, i had started worrying about my family's finances, my family's well=being. i had thought of ways i could do to help out. secondly, being too open i think has given my mom the impression that i would want to share stuff with them too. well some happenings in my life i do share. however, some i feel more comfortable keeping to myself. that they don't understand for some reason & even if they don't say so, i know they feel sad about it.
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@tinamwhite (3255)
• United States
18 Apr 07
We have always been very "open" with our children...we have also always allowed them to begin a discussion on any subject that they wanted to discuss. We feel that this helps them to mature into responsible adults. We never hid things from them and do not want then to hide things from us either. Please do not misunderstand me....on the rare occassions that my husband and I have had disagreements....the kids did not partake in those discussions, of course, and we do not want to be involved in every little aspect of their lives..for example their disagreements with their long as they are civil and not abusive; unless of course they want to discuss it...ute we do not "meddle" into their personal lives. A good parent will always be concerned and worry about their children, it is our "job" as parents. Maybe your parents feel that you are attempting to shut them out of your life....causing the saddness. Have you told them how you feel about the "open discussions" and the fact that you, as an adult, have different viewpoints on this. Maybe, if you explained this to your parents, they would be more understanding. I wish you all the best. Also, I see that you are NEW to myLot.......let me take this chance to WELCOME you!!! This is a great community and I hope that you enjoy your time here with us.