The German used worn rail seeks the buyer

Hong Kong
October 20, 2006 5:01am CST
The specification of the used worn rail (R50-R65) Ingredient 6-12 meter long, the radius is the 50-60mmdeworn rail. does not contain and soil, dust,and dust block,the non-ferrous metal ingredient, the excess rust and all thatimpurities. Does not have the war and the blasting explosive, theshell, the ball medicine case, other weapons and the munitions hasused the rail or is opposite, with any airtight container. Does notcontain any emitting material, any harmful chemical product, thematter and the coating, as well as any organic waste material andpossesses other harmful matter. The non-metallic inclusion total 1 %or is lower than 1%. Quantity each month of shipping more than 60, 000 metric tons Always ships 720, 000 metric tons every year A contract deadline at least year, also may act according tochooses postpones The goal port China port, elects by the buyer Prearranges price each metric ton 224 about US dollars The transportation condition acts according to in 2000 theinternational trade terminology explanation general rule, the costadds the insurance premium and the transport expense to the goal port. The payment time from draws up the letter of credit 30 to 45 days The examination by the general notarization line in theshipping port to the commodity quality, the quantity and the weightcarries on the examination, the expense undertakes by the seller Pays money 100% to use US dollar to be immediate cannotabolish may transfer the letter of credit payment Honors an agreement the bank to guarantee 2% honors anagreement the bank guarantee. contact me in mylot for details.
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