Is it really over? How to tell...

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April 18, 2007 1:36pm CST
Is it time to call it quits? These simple clues could tell you all. Instructions STEP 1: Be realistic. If you're being abused, hurt, cheated on or lied to, it's time to cut your losses and get out. STEP 2: Think about the future you're creating. If your partner is jealous, obsessive, possessive or overly emotional, consider the extra burden you are carrying in dealing with those behaviors. STEP 3: Is he a shameless flirt? Is she bossy? demanding? insecure? These are more signs of a rocky road ahead. STEP 4: Do you truly enjoy each other's company, or do you find yourself relieved whenever you part company? If the latter, it doesn't bode well. STEP 5: Evaluate your role in maintaining the relationship. If you feel as if you're doing all the work, it's time to talk or walk. STEP 6: Does he promise to call and then forget? Is she terminally late? Be honest with yourself. Is this what you want? STEP 7: Do you feel accepted and appreciated? If not, move on. Tips & Warnings Make sure you want to end the relationship because the person is wrong for you and not because you fear commitment. You don't want to send Prince Charming packing just because you have commitment jitters. But if you are sure he is not, then send him packing. That is what I would do anyway. What would you do if you encountered this situation?
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19 Apr 07
I think this is extremely good advice. I know to many people who settle to be in a relationship. Just dont judge to harshly and you can figure out whether to continue or not. You must love yourself first in any relationship this allows you to have faith in your judgements.