2007-04-18 Toronto Blue Jays (Okha) vs. Boston Red Sox (Wakefield)

April 18, 2007 3:07pm CST
So far this season, in preview, it seems like this is the game the Blue Jays have the lowest chance of winning. I still think they have a 40% shot (which is really good considering it's their toughest game) but so far this year, their other games have been very winnable, including 2 blown saves by BJ Ryan already (and we're still in first) Tonight it will be Okha (who has pitched very poorly so far) against Wakefield (who is good, but probably not as good as his record so far), Wakefield is the type of pitcher who each batter either has a lot of success on or has little success on (and has pitched 40 times against the Blue Jays). A bonus for the Jays - if they can inflate Wakefield's ERA enough, Towers can move up into the top 20, and Halladay into the top 25 in the major leagues. (5 runs should be more than enough to do that and win). Okha will be looking for redemption from 2 sub-par starts given his spring. Also, he'll probably want to show his old team a thing or two. What are your thoughts on the game?
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