April 18, 2007 3:29pm CST
Shirley is my best friend. She is not vety tall, but she is lovely. She has long hair, and big, bright, smiling eyes. She often smiles. It makes her look nice. She is my deskmate in Grade 5. During that time, I knew she was very helpful ang polite. When I worried about somet hing, she always helped me. She war a top student in onr class. One day, Iwas thinking about a Maths problem. She said, "Can Ihelp you?" "Yas, this problem is too difficult, I can' tsolve it." I said. "Don' t worry, I will teach you," Then, she took her book ang taught me, but I didn't understand. She said again, but I still didn't understand. So she said again and again. At last, I understood. I thanked her very much; she said with a smile, "That' sall right. Aren' t we good friends?" She is my good frieng, Shirley. Do you like her?
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