I am appalled what kind of person purposely does things to harm the handicapped?

United States
April 18, 2007 3:58pm CST
I am so heated right now that I am hotter than a pot of Uncle Bens' converted rice. About 3 years ago I received a call from a telephone marketer and started to hang up but like most of us the caller touched on a group of people near to my heart and I took the bait. This caller continued to say he was handicapped and worked for an organization that employees the disable to help them support themselves so I listened to what they were offering to me. Well it turns out that they manufacture a special type of light bulb guaranteed not to burn out for at least ten years and some very special garbage bags that make it easy for recycling. I ordered the bulbs and the bags which were supposed to be clear. I received a box of opaque while bags that I could by from the corner store for about $2.99 which cost me over $30.00 and I received ten light bulbs that cost me over $70.0. Needless to say the bulbs already burned out and I sent back the bags in the hope of receiving the clear ones. I then received another order of the wrong bags and sent those back as well. Now last year there was and item on my credit report outstanding for the bags I sent back for $75.47 I fought it but did not win and after all the promises to remove my name from the list I ended up paying it. Today I received a package with no name from the same people which I figured out once I opened the box and read the invoice it was a bottle of Valley fresh environmentally safe fresh scent professional odor remover in a 8fl oz bottle for $41.95 that I did not order. I called them and was told to send it back return to sender. I told the woman that answered the phone number on the box to please forgive me but I want my name off that list now. I will go to the post office and get a certificate of mailing and return it. It comes from Handicapped and Disabled Workshop, Inc. in Nashville, TN has anyone else had this problem? How dare they defame the good name of most humble hearted handicapped people and take advantage of the kindness extended on behalf of those that tug at our hearts. What would you do if you were me?
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• Dallas, Texas
18 Apr 07
Yea - I feel you. I get tired of the scams as well. The good ones know how to ask the right questions so they can figure out how to scam you the best. It makes you not want to help anyone because you are afraid that you will be supporting a scam.
• United States
19 Apr 07
This is so true. You don't know if you should help anyone especially when you yourself are going through hard times. It's really a shame because someone who really needs help may not get it.