What makes a good husband?

@delenep (212)
United States
April 18, 2007 4:19pm CST
What do u think makes a good husband? Would it be one who gives u massages? Does the cooking when ur too tired? Washes the dishes? Pitches in a does his share of the chores? Would he be someone who's willing to sacrifice his goals and dreams to support urs? Is he someone who works hard to provide for his family? I think he's a combination of all of these as well as being a loving, faithful loyal, caring partner.
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@rodeotexas (1154)
• United States
18 Apr 07
I think a good husband is someone who cares for you and loves you unconditonally. He will be there for you no matter what and is always there to help you. He supports you in your dreams and goals and wants you to succeed in life. I think he wants so sacrifice his goals and dreamsto support yours then it is his decision but I personally would not want him to give up his dreams and goals just so I can accomplish mine. I would want to find a way we can both accomplish ours. I think a good husband will help do some chores, take care of the kids, and even cooks dinner someties. A good husband needs to be loyal, faithful, loving, caring, honest, sweet, and just all around there for you.
@4cuteboys (4102)
• United States
18 Apr 07
I think someone that is honest, trustworthy, a hard worker, someone that looks out for his wife and family, someone that is loyal and thoughtful. Those are the most important qualities to me, but especially an honest man. I love honesty and it makes me respect my husband that much more when I know he is being truthful and up front with me.