What do you think that happens when you die?

@munhozmib (3856)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
April 18, 2007 4:51pm CST
The title is the question: "What do you think that will happen when you die?". There are many things that can happen, in my opinion: 1. Everything could just be black. Forever. (Yuck, I don't like to see death like that!) 2. We could go to the paradise. (But there are many things that would be strange... For example, how old would people be? I mean, how old would they look like?) 3. We could go to another dimension. (In that dimension, we find out that we aren't dead. Ex: A car hits you. You wake up in the hospital. But you don't realize you are in another dimension! In your old dimension, there are people crying for you, since you are dead. In this one, your life goes on.) What do you think?
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