Does anyone listen to the ALex Jones show?

@dawnrm69 (1174)
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April 18, 2007 5:18pm CST
I was wondering if anyone listens to the alex jones show. I want your opinion on him and also there is the Harry Thomas talk show too. HAve ya heard him if not check him out out too. Tonight go to the harry thimas talk show and let me know what you think.
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18 Apr 07
I haven't heard of Harry Thomas but if he's anything like Alex Jones, I'm sorry, but I'll have to pass. Alex Jones is furthering some conspiracy theories that level some very serious allegations. I don't believe that the US government had any direct involvement in 9/11. I understand the need to place blame somewhere, and the lack of closure due to unanswered questions, but I think that "911 Truthers" are sending a hurtful message. It adds salt to the terrible wound that was inflicted on us on September 11. Just my two cents.
@dawnrm69 (1174)
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19 Apr 07
Well at first I didnt think the government had anything to do with it either but I have studied it and well now I know different I have even hear from people that worked there and had family that was killed in it and they have come out with alot of truth! For one look at the pictures those buildings were blown up! The truth there is plain to see and silversteen told that he told them to pull it and the explosive had been planted there long before that day for when you do a demolition like that it take months to go in and set it up. I have watched the demolitions and well there it is . I am sorry if you dont see this alot of people are seeing the truth and I am glad they are. Also I am studying the Bohemian grove and the skull and bones. I think more should do the same and wake up and see how corrupt this world is getting! I do not want to be chipped and I want to keep my privacy especially in my own home and well this government is taking that away. I also do not want the mark of the beast and we are drawing closer to that every day for that is what they want! I do not want to be controlled! I also do not want to be on camera when I go to eat or go to the bathroom! THese days well you are