crazy girls

United States
April 18, 2007 5:23pm CST
all the girls on this show are so freaking annoying i thought they were bad girls no wrong all the bad girls are gone and now its just a bunch of mean catty girls, aimee is so stupid and ugly with her big nose always talking about how mean she is and that she will kill b****es this that and the other kerri and deann are just mean to cut up all those pillows and throw peanut around the house and not even help zara clean it up and poor jodi put in the middle of some serious granted she did put herself there for tellin ppl what other ppl said unless u can really trust someone she shoulda just kept her mouth shut and only worried about herself
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@lenapoo (674)
• United States
19 Apr 07
Yes I must agree with you I think the same thing I stopped likeing Aimee because of the way she would switch back and forth b/w who she likes and doesn't like. She does say she is so mean and she will kick a girls a**, but when it all came down to it she was the one that got her a** kicked and then after that she still kept on running her mouth about how she can fight so good. An then those catty a** blonde b****es Kerri and DeAnn are really mean and I wish that I could just jump through their a**es because of the fact that they all made that mess and they sat there like two f*****g bumps on a log while Zara had to clean everything up that was so messed up. They aren't bad girls at all they are just a bunch of spoiled f*****g brats that need a freakin reality check.
@lrincon1 (157)
• United States
21 Apr 07
I used to like Aimee but now I think she's just a hypocrite, she likes to talk a lot of s**t but she don't do anything I just think she likes to start trouble she's always in the middle of every fight that the girls have she likes to cause drama and likes to talk a lot of bad things about the other girls, and I don't like Sarah either I think she's very immature and Jodi is fake I stopped liking her since she took that picture in front of Jesus with her legs open, before she took that picture she always used to talk about how religious she was and blah blah blah I'm glad that girl Dean told her everything in her face but I don't think Karrie and Deann are mean
@bstao5 (33)
• United States
4 May 07
I am so serious they all talk crap about each other its crazy aimee acts so mean but she has a big bark and No bite!! Its funny to watch and make fun of them though.