where did child get those words??

@jesseca (209)
April 18, 2007 6:53pm CST
now adays, i useally hear a kid saying bad words.. its just like thay saying that to have fun.. but it is too much!! One time when i was walking inside our neighborhood, i hear a kid, maybe he just about 2 year old saking f**k*nshit!! whoa! what a kid.. From now then, im just curious, where did that child hear that kind of words?? did his mother always say that words or they just hear that outside thier house?? why did his mother didnt teach his child to be a good one?? how can you say about this??
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• Canada
20 Apr 07
It might just be my personal opinion, but I don't believe that this kid is a bad one. I don't believe that swearing is wrong. It's a shame that this child is using those words and in the way that he's using them, but I think that the kid needs to hear what they mean, and to know that the words he uses has power. A Word like F**k is always just a word. A word can't harm anybody and it can't start fight. It's the use and the meaning that starts fights and hurts people. If I say "F**k", it's not a bad thing, but if I say "F**k you" or "F**k this", it takes on a whole new meaning. I've given the word power and i've used that power irresponsibly. Getting all uptight on words is ridiculous. Swearing doesn't make you a bad person. And who even decided that the certain "foul" words we use should be even considered "foul" at all. It's all arbitrary and silly.