I wanted to do something special.... 500 part 2

One Million Dollar Bill - Wouldn't you rather have a million? OK, I admit it, it's fake. There is no 1 million dollar Bill.
@tess1960 (2386)
United States
April 18, 2007 7:52pm CST
Ok so I goofed and the last discussion was not number 500, BUT, this one is!!! To continue with the last theme.... Did you know... that 500 pennies equals $5.00?that 500 nickels equals $25.00?that 500 dimes equals $50.00?that 500 quarters equals $125.00?that 500 half dollars equals $250.00?that 500 one dollar bills or 500 one dollar coins equals, yep you guessed it, $500.00? (really, I'm not kidding here, honest!) that 500 five dollar bills equals $2,500.00?that 500 ten dollar bills equals $5,000.00?that 500 twenty dollar bills equals $10,000.00?that 500 fifty dollar bills equals $25,000.00?that 500 one hundred dollar bills equals $50,000.00?that 500 five hundred dollar bills equals $250,000.00?that I am adding U.S. currency in America?Enough already, my brain hurts! Thanks for the 500 folks!Happy posting!!
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