October 20, 2006 6:06am CST
Ever had the grown up blues? I think back to when I was a kid and wonder if life wasn't easier back then. You don't have to worry about bills, or finding a job. All I had to do was go to school, come home, do my homework. Everything else was set. I had food, clothes, housing, an allowance. It seemed easier back then. It's funny because when you are a kid all you can think of is how much fun you're going to have as a grown up. You crave that independence and once you are finally there you see that its a lot harder than you imagined. It comes with tough decisions and bigger responsibilities. Is there a balance? Can you be a kid and a grown up at the same time?
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@rakleen (566)
• India
20 Oct 06
yes it would be
• Australia
20 Oct 06
Depend on what you mean as being a kid and grown up at the same time... As we grown up, we can't deny the responsibility we have, it's a must however, you still can keep the child in you and enjoy it :-) But if you mean that you want to be a 'big boy', grow but just have fun with no responsibility... well.. you can... but think again, do you really want to be that kind of person? For me, it's not much different from parasite