if your boss borrow some money from you ,but he forget it,what you will do ?

April 18, 2007 11:05pm CST
if your boss borrow some money from you,for example $100,but he seems forget it, what you will do ? Will remind him or keep silent? or only wait ? it is really hard to deal with this things, if you,what you will do ?
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• Malaysia
19 Apr 07
I will wait.. and if she still don't remember then i will ask him (definitely in polite way..hehe..). My boss is a forgetful person.. easily forget about something. So, if i am afraid to remind her then i have to say bye bye bye to my money...
@dpk262006 (56599)
• Delhi, India
19 Apr 07
Interesting question. It happened with me once that my boss borrowed Rs.1000/- from me and promised that he would return it in the next two days. He forgot completely. I could not gather the courage to ask him. After two months, when hesistantly I reminded him.... he felt sorry and instead of taking blame on himself... said that "why did not you remind me ... that I have to return your money"? I replied, sir... I thought you would have remembered that you have to return my money and I kept waiting for you to return my money." In nutshell if you have lended some money to your boss or colleagues and if they do not return it timely... you should not be hesistant to ask for it.
@lucy67 (819)
• China
19 Apr 07
it will make me feel uncomfortable but perhaps i will not remind him because i don't know how to without making him embarrassed. i'd rather wait. if he forgets all about it, i just let it go.
@fidainc (412)
• Singapore
19 Apr 07
If your boss is generally generous with you, I'd say forget the $100. I'm sure he'll repay you back in many other ways. I've had a teacher who liked to borrow money from my friends and I and at that age, we just kept quiet about it till it gets worse everytime. So play smart.
• India
19 Apr 07
It realy depends on who my boss is and what kind of a person he is...If my boss is a wonderful guy or girl ill definitely let it b and not mention the money...if hes bad i may ask..