Have you woken up from a dream to find that it was actually true? Freaky?

April 19, 2007 2:01am CST
On the late evening of April 9th, I was restless. It was just after the holy week vacation and I was staying at my parents' house then. I thought it must be the climate, as it's summer from where I come from. I dreamt about: A large gathering... a training of some sort in an open spaced venue. There must be 200-300 people around. Then somebody called my name as he said someone's looking for me. There was a short message on a piece of paper handed to me. I can't recall the exact words, except that it's to announce the passing of someone. I was confused because it didn't say who. And then the person beside me said, "Ma'am, there were flowers along with the message. But the teacher threw it in the garbage can." And I saw a single stem with 3 white flowers on it with a touch of pink on its petals, so I picked them up. I continued to walk and the person with me added, "Ma'am, there are also some stones with the flowers but the teacher threw it in the other room. So I went and opened the door of the next room it was an old one with lots of vines and cobwebs. I picked up a gemstone, one after another and realized they were in a long chain. When I had all the gemstones with me, I found out it was actually a big rosary. I left the room, still puzzled by what's happening when the person with me said something more, "Ma'am you have 12,500 waiting for you as your monthly allowance according to Joel." I stopped and said, "Who the heck is Joel?" Then everything seems to be coming to me all of a sudden... I asked myself what did the flower, the rosary and money left... all meant. It dawned on me to read the message again and it hit me... somebody died. I woke up suddenly and freaked out a little coz i was sleeping on the living room couch of my parents' house. OH! IT WAS JUST A DREAM... But I freaked all the more when I heard cries from the next house... It's 3:15 am and I opened the door. Several people gathered, I see Tito Obet, Tito Erwin, Tita Irma... they were all crying. Lola (grandmother) Pinang, their mom just died. She was almost 82. I realized just now the connection... the touch of pink in the petals... maybe because it's female. The cobwebs in the old room... maybe because she's aged already. The long chain of gemstones that was actually a rosary... maybe the tears from my eyes that seemed unending since I heard the news. The night before the actual burial, there must have been 200-300 people who gathered there when I came home from work. Just like in my dream... Have you ever dreamt something, just to wake up from it and find it's all true? How freaky detailed can our dreams be? If ever this happened to you... how freaked out would you be? Would sleeping be as easy as before? I couldn't sleep well until now.
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• Philippines
23 Apr 07
Yeah you had such a freaky dream.. I never experienced one like this but I often experience draming that something bad happens that caused me to cry. When i woke up, I really am crying, proofs are my eyes are with with tears and my pillows as well. But mine is different because nothing bad really happens, its just me crying.
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
sometimes i experience like that too when i'm stressed out, lonely or totally exhausted. :)