Crazy fans' father's crazy action

April 19, 2007 2:55am CST
A star fans, who has been on a 13-years craze for Hongkong popo star, on the past 12 years , she has, through various means, expressed her admiration to for Andy lau, attend his concert or fans meetings whenever possible, paying two trips to Hongkong and six to Beijing. She has spent all her money. Actually, it's OK if that's all, but she has been gone too far, she not only exhausted all her own belongings, but also her parents. Her father, who has never stopped her crazy action, jumped into river and dead as a result. The fans, said she will continue her action even if her father die, she will not stoped it until the star marry her. And most of all, she has been diagnosed OK in psychosis. Have you ever seen fans like her?
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