Teleportation - A branch of Metaphysics

April 19, 2007 3:50am CST
Teleportation is a branch of Metaphysics. To know the process of teleportation you should know the whole metaphysical scientific process involved in it. First you should know the three main divisions of our body. 1) Material 2) Subtle (Metaphysical) 3) Soul Apart from that you should know the main connecting points and factors between these three bodies. Once we know these factors we will be able to teleport anywhere in this world. Metaphysical teleportation is currently done by many in this world, it is other wise called as astral projection or travelling. In this type of teleportation only the two parts (subtle body and soul) is teleporting, but the material body is lying still. The connecting point/factors between the subtle body and soul is based on our consciousness factor. The science of the consciousness is very vast but we can easily describe in two words "our Will". It is the strongest binding force with the subtle body, which is made of ego, intelligence and mind. The nature of "Will Power" is inconceivable within our limited consciousness. But there are two types of "Will" , one is spiritual and other is material. Now let us look into the connection point/factors of the subtle body and material body. This is main thing we should underatnd for acheieving Teleportation. Like Material Nerves there is Subtle Nerves which is made of finer metaphysical element. The three main connecting points are Granthis and nine maintenance point are Chakras. Lot of subtle nerves are connected between them with many passage points. By Constant sharpening of our Will power we can dematerialize and reunite at any point provided our mind reach the destination point ahead of our material body.
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