Love and Marriage

April 19, 2007 5:22am CST
In China,people used to marry without their own cinset.The marriage were arranged by parents.Two persons,a man and a woman,who were entirely strangers,were united in wedlock and became man and wife.They had known nothing of each other before,and of coures love was a sealed book to both.This type of marriage often leads to unhappiness.Tragic stories of ill-matched couples were common enough. Nowadays it is held by many that one should not marry without love.A man and a woman may freely make friends with each other .they may take other things into consideration,but they regard love as the most important thing. This type of marriage usually brings happiness.However,love may be a temporary passion,and those who are in love are often blind to other things,so that what we call love matches do not always result in happiness.Therefore,while love is required before a marriage is arranged,it is not the only thing required.
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