Do you like Chinese cuisine?

April 19, 2007 5:29am CST
DO you like Chinese cuisine?Chinese cooking has a long history and is famous all over the world for its rich flavor and delightful colorings.Every Chinese local dish,special cuisine,and local snake has its own characteristics.For example,Cantonese dishes are famous for their fresh waterfish,seafood,birds,etc.,and the major condiments used are oyster sauce,fermented soy bean sauce,fish sauce,lard,sugar and vinegar. I like Sichuan dishes very much.Sichuan dishes are enjoyed with popularity all over the country because of their distinct and various flavors.Some of the most famous flavors are derived from fish flavors, pepper powder boiled in oil,strange flavor and sticky-hot.The raw materials of a Sichuan dish always wild edible herbs,and the meat of domestic animals and birds.Oh,delicious! Have you eaten Chinese food? Try and enjoy it!
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@Canteen (595)
• China
6 Mar 08
my favourite dish is Kung Pao Chicken. i love eating peanuts and chicken. and this course combines them both. that's wonderful. i am from Chongqing, China. the food here is spicy, just like Sichuan food. it seems that some people can't eat chili pepper, for example the Cantonese. but we people from Chongqing can't live without chili pepper. LOL.
@LouisJ (490)
• Turkey
19 Apr 07
i was in china for a wile and the only dishes i liked were the dumplings and noodles.i had chicken once but didn't like it staring back at me same with the fish.although the fried eel was nice.