the new wilderness ditch.

April 19, 2007 5:30am CST
the new wilderness ditch that was introduced yesterday (18th april 07) is supposed to help stop people being lured into the wilderness under false pretences (ie lure trades, where you get pked while holding lots of gp or high value items). do you think that this is a good idea? i do, i think that it shows that jagex are now trying to actively stop scammers and lurers, this is the second update to try and help out those who fall for such things, the first update was to remove the open/close feature on the door at the chaos monks church north of falador (where you can get wine of zammy). i hope now that jagex will devise more ways to stop people needlessly loosing their stuff because of bad players.
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19 Apr 07
yes i agree that ths is a good idea and hopefully more will follow. in previous years it seemed liked jagex didnt care about rule breakers, but now they are.
19 Apr 07
until very recently luring wasn't actually classed as scamming, i think it is great that jagex are now taking it much more seriously, and it's even better that they are now trying to find new ways to stop the scams. alot of scams should be prevented through common sense, but as it is a game, children will play it, and not a huge amount of kids use their common sense in game, so jagex have had to take things into their own hand.
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19 Apr 07
yea i think it will help but it will be harder to run from wild now though and i think people will still die
19 Apr 07
the ditch has been placed so that when you climb over it you are not in lvl 1 wildy, so you still need to walk a small amount north to actually be in the wilderness, so people will be able to be in non wildy area even past the ditch. this will mean that you can still run south to be out of harms way.